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Designing a Window Molle Storage System that adds valuable vertical storage space to the new Suzuki Jimny.

Geordie Jimny > Jimny Modifications > Designing a Window Molle Storage System that adds valuable vertical storage space to the new Suzuki Jimny.

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The rear tailgate molle system worked out an absolute treat. We use it a lot and have all kinds of stuff stored in it, all neat and tidy. I decided to look at expanding this clever use of vertical space to the window too.

The Jimny has 5 M6 threaded holes running along each side of the rear panels. What’s great is the existing holes for the grab handle combined with them make for an ideal method of mounting the panel. No mods required to the vehicle!

After sketching up different shapes and cutting them out of cardboard to test the ideas I settled on this simple and effective one piece design.

I chose to mount this panel on the drivers side so it wasn’t causing any detrimental effect on visibility. Even though I plan to do other mods of the opposite side it still made the most sense to be there, meaning the storage system would flow from the tailgate to the window.

Once again I ordered the panel from and went through the same processes as the rear tailgate panel. However this time the panel needed 2 bends and I wasn’t certain of the exact angles to use.

I knew I wanted to use 1″ spacers to raise the panel off the trim for both ease of access for mounting molle pouches and other items along with avoiding any damage to the stock trim. I feel it’s important to be able to return the Jimny to as close to stock condition if I either change my mind on future setups or sell it.

After some trial and error and dozens of test fits I arrived at the perfect angle for the top and bottom mounting sections.

Every step of the way I do a quick test drive to ensure there’s no rattling as that would be a deal breaker. I don’t know about you but rattles are pure torture!

The panel mounted rock solid with only a small amount of flex on the top right, nothing that would be a cause for concern. Just to make sure I fixed a 1kg fire extinguisher to the top right and went for a drive. No rattles, so all good!

Next up was some shed time to prepare it for the etching primer and then paint it. I chose the exact same finish as the rear tailgate panel. In an ideal world I’d have had both panels powder coated but couldn’t justify the price for one-off items. It’s quite expensive, almost doubling the cost.

The painting process was fun the first time around but the novelty wore off, maybe I just wanted it ready quicker as I had a trip planned!

After a bunch of coats and 24 hours for the to cure the panel was ready to mount and the fun part can begin. Attaching stuff!

I knew I wanted to make sure my camping axe could remain mounted horizontally so I slotted some longer M6 bolts through the Quick Fist Clamps and secured the middle bolt as normal.

On the top bolts I also added some additional tube mounting brackets for the roof storage cargo netting. The design allows for the tie down eyebolts to remain in place. What’s cool is the spacers and how the panel mounts means the axe sits proud of the eyebolts and they’re still easily accessible. It also sits perfectly in front of the notch in plastic trim. You could mount a small shovel here too. Result!

After (several hours) messing around with what configuration to go for I ended up with this sweet set up. I imagine this wouldn’t be the first choice for many of you, instead going for a recovery gear style setup.

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Full set of wood carving tools
  • ThruNite Torch
  • Wooden Cooking Utensils & Folding Chopping Board (much thanks to @mychancetotravel for the molle pouch)
  • Rip Away First Aid Kit – I replaced this with a better one later and used that as a toiletries pouch.
  • Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet, I use this for carving kuksa blanks.
  • The gap is where the new Rip Away First Aid kit from Unigear now lives.

Here’s a quick tour of the panel set up before the Unigear pouch arrived. I got that one as it’s has better organisation options for the millions of plasters and bandages I bring camping. I do like to chop into my fingers when carving ?

Finally here’s a quick video I posted on Instagram of both panels in all their glory, with the added coffee storage pouch which is actually a molle shot gun shell holder with test tubes of coffee in. Real emergency survival stuff of course.

These projects have been the most useful quality of life mods I’ve done to date, especially for camping. It’s great to not have to rummage through storage bins for all the small items you want to quickly put your hands on. Using more vertical dead space for these items has opened up so much boot space for the bigger stuff. I’ve actually got a bit too much space now I’ve been optimising my it, crazy for a Jimny I know! Plus, the icing on the cake is less rattles in the storage bin… that can’t be a bad thing.

Cheers for your time reading this if you got this far you’re a champ.

Paul @GeordieJimny
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I created Geordie Jimny out of my passion for the Suzuki Jimny, camping and creating things. I share it all here, on my YouTube channel and Instagram.
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    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hey mate, it’s taking longer than hoped to get these available but we’re working on it, definitely coming! 🙂

      Sorry this won’t be made for sale at this time :/

      1. Avatar photo

        Please be aware that not all new Jimny’s are equipped with side air bags.

        I am currently outfitting a JB74 for a trans Borneo/Indonesia expedition and the manual transmission models here in South East Asia only come equipped with front airbags.

        I believe this might also be the case for South Africa.

        Perhaps this product could be available for export? I was certainly waiting with bated breath to get some for this project.

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi, I can’t give out any measurements of the panels now as the design is being licensed to a company. If you google Molle Panel sizing there’s a few forums that discuss the best approach. I did a lot of trial and error to get them perfect for that exact panel design. I’d recommend buying the punches you want to use then mocking up some different sizes and spacing. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  1. Avatar photo
    Pablo Higuchi

    That’s a great idea! I saw the piece is available for purchase at JimnyStyle. I am considering making a steel one, do you have any idea of how much weight can be held by these anchor points below and above the window? I was thinking about attaching a 23 kg aux battery to it…

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Pablo, I’m sure it could hold that weight. The aluminium panel is sturdy but wouldn’t suggest anyone mount something that heavy off it. It’s ideal for pouches and small item storage.

      It’s probably worth storage your item a bit lower if you’re making your own panel.

      Good luck with your project!

  2. Avatar photo
    Ozzy Acer

    Hi, thanks for the lovely post, it’s very useful!! Can you please be kind and inform us about how you did attach the fire extinguisher holder to the panel? Did you drill the panel?

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Ozzy, glad it’s useful mate.

      For any bolted on items I just get some flat aluminium bar and cut and small price off then drill a hole in the centre. I use that as a backing panel to secure the item on.

      I’ve designed a bracket especially for the panel but it’s not in production. Hopefully it will be at some point but can’t be sure.


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