DIY Roof Cargo Net Storage

This storage idea has been done before. Instagram and YouTube have many examples to get inspiration from. It’s an easy mod and I’ll share how I did it.

Shopping list

Shop around, you can get everything cheaper, I just stuck with Amazon mostly for convenience and speed. Choosing the right parts takes time and lots of experimentation. The first version is always expensive and you could half the cost with more frugal shopping.

Total £123.52


It’s pretty simple.

  1. Remove the grab handles on each side and bolt on the tube mounting brackets with M6 bolts.
  2. Remove the retaining clips from the roof and attach the tarpaulin round plastic hooks using M6 bolts.
  3. Cut the aluminium tubes down to 600mm each and slot into the tube mounting brackets.
  4. Clip the corners of the cargo netting to the ends of the tubes.
  5. Use the cable tidies, evenly spaced to secure the sides of the cargo netting to the tubes.
  6. Loop the zipper pulls around the edges of the cargo netting closest to each tarpaulin round plastic hook and clip them in place.
  7. And you’re done!

Optionally, if your cargo netting needs to be stronger, particularly in the middle section, attach 2 flat bungees in a cross pattern on all corners of the poles. I added 4 eye bolts to the ends of the pole to have somewhere to clip the bungee hook too. Finally, I attached a velcro USB strip light for when I go camping.

Here’s a video that should show things more clearly.

Have fun!

10 thoughts on “DIY Roof Cargo Net Storage

    1. Hi Stefano, just removed the circular trim fixings and used short M6 bolts to attach them. Super easy takes only seconds 👍 The length of the bolts was about 20mm if I recall.


  1. Shamelessly copying this at present, love it! With the 4 eye bolts, do you know what size they were? Or do you have a link? Thanks!

    1. Good! Glad to hear it.

      They were just some M8 eyebolts i had lying around. Any will do that fit the hooks you need to attach for the cross over flat bungees. You could use something else too i was just going for convenience 🙂

  2. Hi! i don’t find in your listing the grab handles black who are in the photo ?
    Thanks for your answer.

    Vincent.Montpellier (FRANCE)

  3. Hi there! Do you happen to know if anyone offers this kind of ceiling thingy as a “ready to install” kit?


    1. Hi Kim, I don’t unfortunately 🙁

      I’m hoping to get a kit produced and sold alongside the molle storage systems I’ve designed.

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