Suzuki Jimny Mods, DIY Builds & Camping Videos
Suzuki Jimny Mods, DIY Builds & Camping Videos

A full list of links to camping and Jimny Modification products

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This page includes links to everything I’ve bought for the Jimny as well as the equipment I use when camping that’s seen in my videos, blogs and instagram posts.

Some links will go to my Amazon shop or affiliated links that help support the all the work I do on my blog, YouTube channel and Instagram. Most links direct to companies are ones where I bought stuff and no affiliation exists.

A few items were donated to the channel in return for work creating install videos or sharing the use of products I highly rate in my videos.

Jimny Parts & Modifications

Wheels – Dean Cross Country.

Tires – Toyo Open Country A/T Plus. 215/75R15 on the 15″ stock wheels and 215/70R16 on the new wheels.

Front Bumper – by High Bridge 1st, Japan. EU customers can now order via JimnyStyle. I got mine painted semi-gloss black with a black anodised aluminium skid plate.

Vintage Suzuki Emblem – from JimnyStyle.

APIO Iron Grille – Bulletproof and gorgeous bit of kit from JimnyStyle.

Old Man Emu – 40mm lift by Storm Customs (10mm spring spacers added too).

LED Tail Lights – by JimnyStyle.

LED Front Indicators – from eBay.

Load Bars – by Front Runner.

LED Mirror Covers – Thanks to JimnyStyle! I helped with the install video.

LED Light Bar – Fitted this to the top of the front bumper.

Rigid Ignite Backup Kit (LED Reverse Lights) – Fitted to the OEM rear bumper. A narrow licence plate is needed to allow enough room for the lights. Read the blog.

Lanoguard Rust Proofing – Not really a mod but had nowhere else to put it. Read the blog.

Leather Handles – I handcraft these and sell them on my Etsy store.

Smoked Indicators – by Vulcans.

Door Handle Trim – by Suzuki.

Wind & Rain Deflectors – by Suzuki.

Side Body Moulding – by Suzuki (Suzuki garage stuck them in the wrong place).

Rear Mud Flaps – by Suzuki.

Front Mud Flaps – by Suzuki.

Rubber Mats – by Suzuki.

Head Unit Touch Screen Protector – JB74, SZ5, GLX, helps avoid glare, highly recommended.

LED DRL Bulbs – Bright white daytime running lights, easy to fit.

Car Seat Storage Net – I attached the bottom hooks under the handbrake trim. Works a treat.

Dashboard Tray – Thought I’d not use this much but I’ve ended up using it a lot! Useful for random stuff.

Bonnet Guard – Beefs up the front end a bit more and protects the paintwork.

APIO Fuel Lid Cover – I originally ordered mine from Japan but you can now save import fees buying it from JimnyStyle.

Bonnet Insulator

Door Hinge Covers – from JimnyStyle.

Keyhole Protective Covers – from JimnyStyle.

Autool GPS – X95 – I use this Inclinometer to help get the car level when camping.

Old kit no longer in use but still rate.
Modified Grille – The Suzuki Classic grille that was sprayed to match the car. (Now replaced with the APIO Iron Grille)

Boot Liner – by Suzuki (no longer in use).

Camping Equipment

Roof Tent – by Front Runner. Now running a slimline DIY Roof tent.

180º Rear Awning – Darche Eclipse 180 Rear Awning from Trek Overland.

Darche Eclipse Wall Set – from Trek Overland

Telescopic Ladder – I got the 2.6M one. Read the easy tent mod.

Compact Ultralight Folding Chairs – Cheap but does the job. The legs sink into mud and grass and still looking for a compact lightweight camping chair to replace these.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Mora Companion Knife – Cheap and effective bushcraft knife.

Spitfire Pocket Bellows

Fallkniven DC4 Diamond / Ceramic Sharpening Stone – Super small but still very capable tool for keeping your camping knifes razor sharp.

Feuerhand, baby special 276 galvanised kerosene lamp, storm lantern olive green – Old school lantern that is by far the most atmospheric lighting at camp.

Old kit no longer in use but still rate.

Awning – 1.4m Darche Eclipse by Trek Overland.

Awning wall – Darche Eclipse EZY Side Extension by Trek Overland.

Awning extension is custom made by me.

Sleeping Kit

Exped MegaMat 10 MW – Ultimate comfort, fits on passenger side.

Exped DeepSleep Mat Duo 7.5 – Duo size for the DIY roof tent, fits in when packed away.

Exped MegaMat Lite 12 M – Very comfortable for an air mattress, fits on drivers side. Discontinued now I believe.

Exped Mega Pillow – Super light, super compact matching pillows.

Extra Long Hot Water Bottle – Get’s my wife camping in the winter slots perfectly into a sleeping bag.

Alpkit Cloud Cover Hydrophobic Down Quilt – Summer camping down quilt.

Alpkit Skyehigh 700 – A great Autumn and Winter sleeping bag for the UK.


Tailgate Molle Panel – from JimnyStyle.

Window Molle Panel – from JimnyStyle.

Spare Tyre Bag – slight modification to a dry bag.

Wolf Pack Pro Storage Boxes – from JimnyStyle.

Quick Fist Clamps – Easily mount your camping axe to the Jimny.

First Tactical Tactix 6×10 Utility Pouch – Up to 5 of these will fit on the tailgate Molle Panel. They’re not cheap but they’re fantastic quality and very sturdy, meaning no rattles or sagging. They’re almost impossible to buy now.

Molle Pouches – Good quality molle pouches that we use for first aid kits and toiletries. Readily available unlike the tactix pouches,

Mora Bushcraft Tactical Sheath – Fits great on the tailgate molle panel.

Power & Refrigeration

PowerOak EB55 537wh Power Station – Essential item that powers the fridge and charing of devices.

Alpicool Drawer Fridge – It’s only 20 litres but is sufficient for our trips. In the UK you’re never too far away from a store to stock up on provisions. This size fits amazing in the Jimny too, leaving plenty of room for other kit.

Cooking & Water

Mini Fire Anchor – Lightweight and high quality from TJM Metalworks.

Cadac 2 Cook 2 Pro – I like the extra grill plates you get. Lights well but I would prefer it if it had a better simmer control.

Lixada Mini Gas Stove – I store this stove in a Molle pouch on my tailgate then fix it direct into a hole in the slide out table. You can see a demo on this video.

Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet – Nice compact battery powered running water.

Rotopax Water Carrier – I modded the top to allow for a quick connect with the Dometic faucet.

Sandwich Maker – Tiny little sandwich maker. Makes toasted sandwiches in minutes.

Eagle Products 1.5L Kettle – Can be hung over the fire or even direct on the coals if you’re happy to give it a good scrub afterwards.

Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder

Wood Carving Tools

Mora 122 Wood Carving Knife – Kuksa carving at camp 🙂

Mora 106 Wood Carving Knife

Gransfors Bruk Hand Hatchet – Awesome tiny camp axe as well as great for carving.


Israeli Bandage – 100% essential when camping with axes and knives, take at least 2 with you on each trip.

First Aid Kit – Generic kit nothing special.

Paul @GeordieJimny
About the author

I created Geordie Jimny out of my passion for the Suzuki Jimny, camping and creating things. I share it all here, on my YouTube channel and Instagram.
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  1. Avatar photo

    Hello Geordie

    Very happy to see your awesome video, i really love that , I came from Hong Kong, during the pandemic of Covid19 , can’t go outside for trip even a hiking. Your video is my favorite hobbies during after work , particular now still WFH. Your video really touching me when i am alone. I need get strong like you !!! Hope to see your video soon !!!

  2. Avatar photo
    Simon Coupland

    Hi, just subbed to your videos. Love your neat and calm approach to your camping and configuration.

    I note that on the right hand side of your dash you and a “level” meter – I assume some sort of inclinometer. Is this a standard Jimny fitment or is it after market. Was looking for something neat for my Defender…?

  3. Avatar photo

    Hey, just found your videos. Recently worked on my stock Jeep to make it into a hard core camper. Was a lock-down project for me and my two boys and we’re away testing it out now in Cornwall!
    Wish I’d seen your videos before as I’d have saved lots of my own thinking. Good and useful content mate and similar solutions to mine!!!
    I think I’ve caught some sort of bug now though cos I’m seriously thinking of (also!) getting a Jimny for stealthy camping. Really lightweight set-up for one (take a tent for more), sleep full length passenger side and so on.
    Wondered what your vehicle weight is like with the full kit (including water, tent, battery etc).
    Also, have you considered a dual battery set-up? I did my own in the Jeep with a renogy combined MPPT Solar / DC-DC charger and lithium battery. Works a great!
    Also looking at that Cadac Stove already. I have a jetboil genesis from when I lived in the US but it’s propane-only and the smaller-style cans used in the US are harder to come by here (and are ££). I like the Cadac has the griddle plates. How do you find it as a stove?
    Finally one tip for you. I have a few “Omeril” brand wardrobe lights from Amazon. Super cheap, USB rechargeable and they operate on a PIR sensor (if you want them too). I use them under my awning, in the boot space, even in a shower tent i sometimes use. Just Velcro wherever needed and forget about them. The PIR is useful!

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi mate, glad the videos and blogs help. It’s good fun as you know to get your camper just how you want it. Never ending project!

      Weight wise the max payload for the Jimny is 300kg. I’m actually working on a blog regarding payload just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I suspect I’m just under the max payload but don’t have the exact figures yet. There’s more I can do to reduce the weight and once I’ve done all the working out and weighing my standard camping set up, etc. I’ll start looking at ways to reduce that further, hopefully it’s not me going on a diet. I still take more gear than I use, the endless challenge of car camping for me is saying ‘no’ to what’s taken.

      I did consider a dual battery set up but the lack of experience and electrical knowledge mean’t that the PowerOak power stations with solar and 12v recharging while driving was a way better solution for me. So impressed with the kit, unless it fails I’ll stick with it. Also means I can loan it to friends or use it in other situations besides camping.

      The Cadac is ok, I’d like the flame to have more control though. Seems to be fully on or not at all. I also want to change the fuel from the big campingaz bottles to the 1 ltr propane as space is always at a premium in the Jimny. However, I’m not certain they’ll offer enough oomph so will need to test it. I’ve used the griddle plates only once so far but that’s because I tend to stick with woodland campsites where I’ve permission to light a fire. Ideally as it’s just me solo 95% of the time I only need one burner but I’ve yet to find a really nice quality single burner stove. There’s the usual suspects but rather than buy one of those I’ll stick with the Cadac until I see something unique that’s really high quality kit and super compact.

      I’ll check out those lights too, cheers!

      1. Avatar photo

        Cool. My jetboil Genesis stove is awesome especially from a simmer control pov. It’s just the gas is propane only (US style Coleman bottles) which are tricky to get here and ££££.
        With you on the payload stuff – the Jeep obviously has a little more to play with but still the things that get thrown in the back because “it might be useful”!!!
        12v systems are simple to learn if it floats your boat! The biggest advantage is alternator charging. Depending on the type of trip (touring / day trips more than “base camp”) means I can be self sufficient even with high power demands (fridge, work computer on an inverter and kids technology). Probably won’t even use the folding solar panel this trip!

        On single-burner stoves… I have a jetboil flash because it smashes it on a water-boiling front and doubles-up as a French press for fresh coffee. The stash, I think, has better simmer control.

        Best all-round single-burner I have is the Kovea Scout.

        If you want to check out my stuff then take a look @ozzythejeep on IG

        Happy camping !

  4. Avatar photo

    Recently subbed your channel, amazing vids – so satisfyingly calming and inspiring at the same time. Thank you for sharing and keep it up!
    Quick q: in your winter camp vid, what is covering your window? Looks like quilted insulation? Looks classy and clean????????

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Leo, Cheers for the sub mate!

      The window covers were sent by a instagram buddy from Dubai (I think) unfortunately not 100% certain where they bought them originally. If you search Jimny Campstyle on instagram they’re a company selling nice ones though.


    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks man, appreciate it. I shoot everything on an iPhone then edit in premiere pro. I only know the basics right now but have started some editing courses and fancy getting a proper camera set up to try improve the quality. We’ll see!

  5. Avatar photo

    Hi Geordie, where can I find your wood fire station, don‘t know how to name it exactly.
    Maybe fire basket. Am I too blind to find it in your equipment list? ????

    I rally enjoyed your last video (as always ????). I‘m currently looking for some camping components for my trip with my jimny and roof tent. In Germany it‘s very often not allowed to use open fire outside. Because of sparks. But there is a small law gap if you use a fire basket that reduces the number of sparks a lot. So I would be very happy if you could help me out with your fire pit solution. ????????

    Thanks in advance and have a great weekend.

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Patrick! Thank you 🙂 Apologies the fire pit isn’t in the links yet I’ll update this page soon.

      It’s called a biolite fire pit +

      Really awesome piece of kit!


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