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Old Man Emu Lift Kit (40mm) on the New Suzuki Jimny 2019 SZ5 UK Specification

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After lot of research and chatting to other Jimny owners on Instagram I chose the Old Man Emu 40mm lift, with 10mm spring spacers as I generally have the text and awning on 24/7 due to lack of storage. My goal was to stiffen the ride and reduce the head wobble that the stock suspension has. I wanted to improve was the road manners, especially under load.

Obviously off road capability improves with better suspension as well as the overall stance of the car, but unlike most people that to me is an added bonus.

The stock suspension gets a rough time from reviewers and I’ve always felt like they’re overreacting to how terrifying the Jimny is to drive. That said, it’s hardly perfect and I was generally sitting at 60 mph with the camping set up on the car. This felt ok to me.

Frankly, I’d have thought twice about adding a lift if I never ran with a camper setup or did zero off roading, not that I go crazy anyway.


I went with Storm Customs to order the lift kit. They helped a lot with good advice on what I should do for my specific circumstances. A massive plus point for me was their willingness to let me demo what their Jimny feels like with the kit installed. Big thanks to Mike who took time out of his weekend to accommodate me.

Mike performed some manoeuvres in his Jimny I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing with the stock set up. An excellent demonstration to justify the benefits of the install.

Here’s the exact kit I went with:

  • Front Coil Spring Pair: 3144 
  • Front Shocks Pair: 60154 
  • Rear Coil Spring Pair: 3146
  • Rear Shocks Pair: 60155
  • Rear Panhard Rod Bracket and bump stop extensions FK96
  • Headlight Level Sensor Bracket FK97 
  • Castor Correction Bushes OMECA001
  • Extended brake hose
  • 10mm spring spacers.

I also bought 30mm wheel spacers from
UPDATE: I’ve since removed these having bought a set of Dean Cross Country 16″ wheels.


Storm Customs did the install, they even let me film some of it hopefully I didn’t get too much in the way. Being a non mechanical kinda guy it was interesting to see the attention to detail that went into installing it. They have a few little mods up their sleeve after already fitting this suspension to a few Jimny’s. They know what they’re doing.

This video timestamps direct to the clip from the install.


Ok so it feels like there’s little difference at normal town speeds 20-30mph but most noticeably there’s far less body roll when cornering and on roundabouts. That’s probably quite obvious to you but we think it’s great. We definitely feel the additional height and the car isn’t able to be wobbled by coughing at a red light. It’s as comfortable as the stock suspension around town, which I always liked anyway.

The big ticket improvement is on the motorway! It’s completely transformed the ride. We are far more confident riding down the motorway at 65-70 mph with the full camping set up loaded up top. A total win. This justifies the cost and a worthwhile addition to the Jimny in my book.

So far on the small amount of off road driving I’ve done I’ve noticed I can ride a faster than I would have. It eats up the terrain a lot smoother. Excited for the next green laning trip where I get to experience more challenging trails.

All in all, this is the best upgrade I’ve made to the Jimny and my wife agrees as it’s boosted her confidence driving it too, albeit just around town.

I’m happy to answer any questions from a layman’s perspective, just comment below. For any technical questions I’d recommend giving Andy a call at Storm Customs on 01482 666 491 or email

OME Jimny Lift Kit by Storm Customs
Paul @GeordieJimny
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I created Geordie Jimny out of my passion for the Suzuki Jimny, camping and creating things. I share it all here, on my YouTube channel and Instagram.
52 Responses
  1. Avatar photo

    Hi there,

    I am considering the same kit – although I don’t have any roof rack or the like so far, maybe it will come in the future.

    But I am looking for a bit more clearance when off-road driving and going the once a week commute of 600 km…. well, a bit less body roll in cross winds or when shifting lanes, that wouldn’t hurt:-)

    What is your inputs, overkill with Old Emu?

    Secondly, the offer I have does not include Castor Correction Bushes nor bump stops – what are the bushes for?

    And the 10mm spacers, are those wheel spacers?

    Sorry for all the questions but I would appreciate your inputs and experience with the suspension.

    Cheers, Mads

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Mads, one of the main reasons for the change to OME was to get rid of that body roll, especially on motorways and winding country roads. The OME kit has really stabilised the ride it’s road benefits are most noticeable at higher speeds. I do have 30mm wheel spacers on though and they give the ride more stability (imho).

      Roof weight wise the stock car did fine with my tent and rack system but with OME it’s completely unnoticeable up there day to day.

      Storm Customs in York who supplied and fitted the kit did explain why the castor correction bushes (and bump stops) are needed but I’ve forgotten lol. I’d give Andy a ring, the guys there a spot on and took into consideration my camping setup and typical usage to decide on the exact kit to go for.

      I’m super happy with the kit, it’s the most noticeable improvement so far over the stock car and looks great too.

      Good luck mate.

        1. Paul @GeordieJimny
          Geordie Jimny

          I didn’t fit it mate definitely don’t have any expertise to advise on brake hoses. The guys a storm customs in the UK did the installation and I recall they did a little work around to avoid adding extended brake hoses but I think most people do buy them for 50mm lifts. Not sure if it’s unnecessary with 40mm but I have 10mm spring spacers on too.

          Like I say please don’t take anything I say as gospel it’s a long time ago now and I’d need to read my blog to remember myself 🙂

  2. Avatar photo
    Neil Hayes

    Hi Geordie
    What tyres are you running? I just bought a Jimny and want to fit the same lift kit but some chunkier tyres? Any advice on tyres using the existing rims? Thanks!

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Neil,

      I run Toyo Open Country A/T Plus 215/75R15. They’re great on and off road for me needs. After the lift they do look a bit small and I’ll likely change to 16″ wheels with 225/75R16.

      I’m no expert on these matters though mate.

      1. Avatar photo

        Thanks Geordie
        Ill prob do both at once, the lift and the wheels. Wanted to make sure the lift accomodates the biggest wheels. If you think you can accommodate a 225 thats what ill order.
        Thanks again

        1. Paul @GeordieJimny
          Geordie Jimny

          The most optimum if you’re going to do some off-roading too, as I’ve learned is 215/75R15.

          These sizes I’ve seen mostly used and work with a lift or some with stock suspension.

          • 225/75R15
          • 235/75R15 (some bumper cutting required without lift)
          • 215/75R16 (these work without a lift)
          • 225/75R16 (these next 2 sizes will require some bumper clearance mods without a lift)
          • 235/75R16
    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Daniel, Hard to say exactly how much it’s effected fuel as I did the tyre changes before the first 2k run in mileage and run the tent on 24/7. So for normal users with an automatic it’ll be better than the ~32 mph I get around town as a daily driver. Sometimes it’s 30 just depends on all the different factors. I went with lightweight tyres though, Toyo Open Country. I have seen some autos hitting up to 40 mpg but I never once got close to that regardless of setup on my automatic.

  3. Avatar photo
    Christos Droukas

    Hi Geordie,
    Nice work! Tell me about the 10mm spring spacers…They are the OME Front Trim Packers (2 x OMESJF10) and Rear Trim Packers (2 x OMESJR10)? Here in my country the 4cm lift kit of OME for Jimny 2018+, doesn’t include them. Are they important? What is the purpose of using them?
    Is it wise to combine them with the this 40mm lift kit of OME? (I beleive it is the same kit you use, but were you bought it, is described as 2.5″ kit-is it considerd higher because of these combined spring spacers?)

    I always use a Thule 400lt on roof racks, I will lift it 40mm, do you think that wheel spacers of 22mm (44mm per axle) is sufficient? I dont want my tire to protrude fron the arch!

    Thanks in advance

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hey mate, the spring spacers I’m not sure what brand. They were fitted by Storm Customs. I assume OME. The purpose was to help retain good clearance while under load. I run the text setup full time now.

      I wouldn’t say they’re essential, especially for my use case. Looks cool though 😉

      My 30cm wheel spacers (i’ll remove them once I upgrade the the wheels) protrude a little. Can get away with it here and the stance imho is better as is the feel when cornering.

      Hope this helps, I took all the advice from Storm Customs, I am certainly not knowledgable on these matters.

  4. Avatar photo

    Hi Geordie

    Great job. I just wondering what is the max loading weight with this kit. I am a family guy 🙂 and i am needing more weight for my camping set up. Thanks in advance.



    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Tassos, the OME lift kits don’t increase the max load weight but they will stiffen the side to side swaying of the vehicle which feels better when driving with roof weight on. The Jimny has a max payload of 300kg inc passengers. Cheers

  5. Avatar photo

    Hello. Geordie.
    I am in Korea and I bought a German version of Jimney (LHD)

    I found your thread while I was looking for a lift-up kit.

    There is an OME dealer in Korea, but They are not interested in Jimny here because it is not imported.

    Can you tell me the website or how you bought it?

    (Is the OME spring curved after installation?) >> like a bow

          1. Avatar photo
            Juan Cabello


            Thanks for your blog! Very helpful!!

            I have a question, I can put tires (235/75R15) before the suspension?

            Thanks for your advice!

          2. Paul @GeordieJimny
            Geordie Jimny

            Hi! You’re welcome! Glad it’s useful.

            I believe someone has put 235/75R15 tyres on the stock wheels without a lift. But I’m fairly confident you will need to make some minor modifications to the bumpers to avoid any rubbing. I could be wrong though!

            215/75R15 have been great for me to be honest. When I finally upgrade my wheels to the 16” ones I want I’ll be looking to run 225/75R16 maximum, possibly sticking to 215/75R16 to help save the extra load on the bearings.

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi they’re not fitted yet.

      I’d like to try end up with bigger but not massively wider wheel tyre combo.

      225/70R16 will give me a 721mm diameter which is 17mm more than my 215/75R15 and not really going look much different.

      Obviously I don’t want to go silly but I’ve not ordered the new wheels yet. Been stuck in the middle of a house move which is proving to be a nightmare 🙂

      A friend happily runs 235/70R16 but I’m not wanting to go that wide.

  6. Avatar photo
    Juan Cabello

    Geordie! I have another question…

    I thinking to put the OME suspension in my Jimny but I want to know the weight of the box and all the parts that are inside the box. In order to bring it to my country… The ARB website is not clear with all the components… Also the model of the suspension… did you install EK2608B1 model?

    Thanks again for your help

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hey mate, sorry no idea on the weight of the boxes. I ordered mine via the Storm Customs who fitted it for me too. This is the kit I ordered:

      Front Coil Spring Pair: 3144
      Front Shocks Pair: 60154
      Rear Coil Spring Pair: 3146
      Rear Shocks Pair: 60155
      Rear Panhard Rod Bracket and bump stop extensions FK96
      Headlight Level Sensor Bracket FK97
      Castor Correction Bushes OMECA001
      Extended brake hose


    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi, the OME on road is as comfortable as stock. The tyre pressures make the melt difference to me. 26 PSI feels the most balanced for every day driving comfort. I know some run higher pressures though.

  7. Avatar photo

    Hello from Chile, I just got the suspension kit, and I am wondering if I will have to extend the breake línes? (the 4 ones), could you give me some advise on the installment procesos?

    1. Avatar photo

      I just installed this kit and it is a big improvement for me (all the points mentioned above). Extended brake hoses are needed for the rear. Not so much the front..but I changed them anyway to be sure. I am running a full length frontrunner roofrack and the 10mm “trim packers” were needed for the rear to retain the correct stance. (Rear was lower the front without them). I would install the rear trim packers anyway, even without roofrack. Stance looks too high at the front without them.

        1. Avatar photo

          Hi Geordie,
          Thanks for your article I found it really helpful when deciding on the OME kit for my Jimny. I had it installed a week ago and am loving the stability on the road, not to mention the added clearance. Am relieved to hear that yours also required the 10mm packers in the rear. I was a little surprised to notice front higher than the back after the lift install, when prior to the install the front was lower. I’ve been told the 10mm packers in the rear will correct this. Otherwise, a great kit.

          1. Paul @GeordieJimny
            Geordie Jimny

            Interesting. I didn’t know the 10mm spring spacers helped correct the level. I was advised to add mine due to carrying a roof tent. Good to know, cheers!

  8. Avatar photo

    Hey Geordie, I just fitted the OME in my jimny but the rear is much higher than the front, not sure what is causing this, should I add the Front packers to level it up?

    1. Paul @GeordieJimny
      Geordie Jimny

      Hi Khalid, that’s strange. The guys added 10mm spring spacers to the rear of mine as I tend to run the car loaded up with the tent and awning. I’ve not heard of anyone without spring spacers having issues with the rear too high.

      1. Avatar photo

        I have had the 3144 front springs on my Jimny with 10mm trim packers in the rear with 3146 springs for 2 years. Using a full Front Runner rack..front was still looking too high and a bit stiff. It’s been bugging me all this time. Just replaced front springs with 3189 and now stance is perfect. The new spings are also a tiny bit softer and ride is great. The stance is now a tiny bit higher at back and doesn’t look odd with load in back…as it did before. I see in the latest ARB catalogue that the 3144 is now recommended with bull bar fitted…and 3189 for no additional weight (stock) at front.

  9. Avatar photo

    Hi Geordie!

    Just wanted to thank you for the infromation you share on all of your upgrades of the Jimny. Your blog is one of the most helpful and diverse i have found.

    Keep it up!


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