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My 1st Time Camping in Woodland with a Roof Tent on the new Suzuki Jimny

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I love camping in the woods the sounds, smells and isolation is second to none. The Jimny can squeeze into tiny spaces between the trees, meaning you can get a great pitch every time. This one was on the edge of the woods and I loved being in the trees.

Shooting my first video

So far I’ve put some simple videos up on Instagram and YouTube and for this trip I tried to make something a bit better. Whether it’ll be something people enjoy watching is anyones guess. Above all, it’s a better way for me to journal our trips. If you’re into this kind of lifestyle it’s something I’d highly recommend doing.

I copied the format (obviously nothing like the pros!) of some bushcraft YouTubers I follow. No talking to the camera and shooting from multiple angles. This had the lowest time impact on the day and with multiple cameras this would be even easier to do. Editing took about 1 hour at home and that’s acceptable to save our memories 🙂

Going forward I’ll try to improve the videos but it’s more important that we enjoy the trip and not be shackled to shooting videos and taking photos. Trips are downtime, not work time!

If you like them, great! If you don’t, no worries.

Refining the kit

With each trip the micro camper is getting more and more refined. Quicker to set up with less equipment than the previous trip.

It’s easy to throw everything into the back of the Jimny, just because you might need it. When in actual fact it makes far more sense to leave it if you’re not 100% using it. In the long run you’ll be glad of the minimalistic approach to what kit your bring as it’s less clutter to deal with.

We now have a kit list for solo and 2 person trips that we have saved into the notes app on our iPhones. This means we can quickly gather everything we know we need and will use on a trip. This will adapt with multi-day trips of course. However it’s mainly food and drink that will have the most impact on storage.

What I learned this trip

  • Check the strength of the craft beers. Woke with a headache lol.
  • We need a better camp kitchen set up.
  • The Front Runner tent fly collects water in heavy rain and it’s loud af! Ear plugs are a must 🙂
  • You can never have too much firewood.

Compared to normal bushcraft camps so you’ve a lot of time on your hands when roof tent camping. Less chores to do I guess. This means if you’re on a solo trip you need to have something to do. Unless you’re happy just chilling out of course.

Wood carving is the no.1 campfire pass time unless you have a good book to while away the time. I’ll make sure I bring my tools and have something in mind to work on. If I can find some nice wood to make another kuksa that would be my first choice.

Paul @GeordieJimny
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I created Geordie Jimny out of my passion for the Suzuki Jimny, camping and creating things. I share it all here, on my YouTube channel and Instagram.
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        that’s super dope! i love the way you set things up! I really loved your work about keeping things lightweight… and i was thinking: “what if i mount a ladder on the back, and use that to get into the tent, without using the stock ladder?” But i think i will need the tent to open the other way round… so i am not sure it’s actually possibile… what do you think? thanks for any tips!
        (i am not sure i explained it clearly… lol)

        1. Paul @GeordieJimny
          Geordie Jimny

          Hi Matteo, Thanks for stopping by 🙂

          I know what you mean and there’s some tents I’ve seen where the ladder attaches to the side of the roof rack. The style of tent I have wouldn’t work unfortunately but I did make some quick release mounts for a telescopic ladder. Meaning I can keep the ladder in the boot rather than on the roof while driving. That saves 6-7kg!

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