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Everything I use that feature in my videos, blogs and instagram posts. Some links will go to my Amazon shop or companies affiliated links that help support the all the work I do on my blog, YouTube channel and Instagram. Others are direct to companies I bought stuff from where no affiliation exists.

Jimny Modifications

Jimny Accessories

Camping Equipment

Camping Tools & Accessories

Sleeping Kit


Lights, Power & Refrigeration

  • Olight Perun Head Torch – Love this thing. The build quality is stunning! I also hang it in the roof tent at night. It’s super powerful, lasts ages and is a simple 1 button use. Use Jimny10 for 10% off at checkout.
  • Luminoodle LED Rope – These are awesome, attach them to your awning or anywhere really.
  • Camping Magnetic Lights – I mount 2 directly on the roof under the awning. They last 2 nights on one charge if you use the lower light setting or the red light which is my preference.
  • ThruNite TC15 UK or USA – Like having the sun in your pocket and mounts great on the custom molle panel.
  • PowerOak EB150 1500wh Power Station – This absolute beast has transformed my camping! I use it mostly to power the fridge and multiple recharges all my devices. It takes care of all our power needs for many days off grid. Slots nicely behind the passenger seat in the Jimny too.
  • Dometic CDF26 Fridge – It’s only 26 litres but is sufficient for our trips. In the UK you’re never too far away from a store to stock up on provisions. This size fits amazing in the Jimny too, leaving plenty of room for other kit.

Cooking & Water


  • Israeli Bandage – 100% essential when camping with axes and knives, take at least 2 with you on each trip.
  • Fire Extinguisher Bracket – The back of this black is meant for mounting on round surface but I did manage to clamp it onto the window molle panel.

Camera Equipment

8 thoughts on “Kit List

    1. Hi Saddiq, it’s the Diguo Pour Over Coffee Kettle Stainless Steel Kettle Leather Wrapped, Gooseneck. Glad you enjoyed the video!

  1. hi whats the kettle you use on the fire, great little setup and very nice woods to camp in the north !

  2. Hello Geordie!
    Thans for all this good information.
    What kind of system do you use inside the frontrunner roof tent? Mat? Pad?

    1. Hey! Thanks buddy πŸ™‚

      I use the exped inflatable mattresses. Ditched the one that came with the tent as we’re side sleepers.

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