Protection – Part 1

I took the advice from based on the fact I’m not a major off road enthusiast and want to protect the essentials. So there’s only a few bits of underbody protection to add.

First phase is Radius Arm Guards. I’ve hit these a few times so far, more so than anywhere else so it seems a good place to start. To follow is a Fuel Filter guard and Transfer Box skid plate. That ought to do it until I can find the rock sliders I’d like to go for. Just something that’ll offer a bit of extra protection but more importantly something I can step on.

Jimny Style Radius Arm Guards

To maintain the overall look of the build, these black arm guards looked good. Strong but not heavy, coming in at a total of 3.2kg for the set.


I parked the car on flat ground and used a webbing strap to try and keep the arm in place as I removed the bolts. This worked out fine. I needed to use a screw driver to line up some of the holes ready to tap the new bolts through and for one guard I needed my wife to push the wheel a bit to line it up.

I must have bashed and bent the side of one the radius arm mounts (not sure the name) as it took a bit more persuasion than the other 3 but it went on with help from a rubber mallet. Easy an DIY job in the end that took around 30-40 mins… yeah I’m slow lol.

I did notice some rust on all four sides before fitting the guards so I’ll have to get the guards removed and have them treated once I get the whole underbody protection painted on.

The OEM bolts are 17mm and the JimnyStyle Bolts are 19mm.

Love the final finish on these and they’re certainly tough.

The ultimate Jimny protection

This product will protect your Jimny against the toughest of situations and extend the lifespan of the vehicle by several decades.

I now sleep well, safe in the knowledge that my door locks are bullet proof 😏.

Sarcasm aside I love em!

I’ll update this article once I get my hands on more kit 🙂

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