Smoke Side Markers

Part of the small changes to the Jimny build, here’s a super quick and cheap mod that looks quite nice.

Given it’s the black SZ5 we have (we really wanted the Jungle Green ?) the plan is to keep it a stealthy looking as possible. Part of the changes will be the lights and for the first step we changed the orange side markers (indicators for us brits).

I found these on Rakuten, they’re reasonably priced and arrived super fast to the UK for ~£35 delivered.

Original style
Smoke Markers
Side View
Front & Side View

They’re super easy to fit. You carefully pop the original ones out with a flat head screw driver or trim tool. Unplug the bulb and pop the new ones in.

I did find the one side it letting in condensation so I’ll remove it and seal any gaps. Another review from a customer seemed to highlight this issue. Easy fixed though and for the price I’m not that disappointed. The other one is perfect.

Nice little mod that seems to work well with the overall style.

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