Scottish Borders Day Camp

We found a lovely spot for a day camp in the Jimny only a few minutes drive into Scotland from Kielder Water. Sitting in a dip between a small hill and a stream running under a stone bridge, the views were unreal!

There’s room to manoeuvre a small 4×4 and the ground is fairly flat. It’s not muddy under foot but there is a lot of sheep no.2’s so watch your step 🙂

Some idiots left a huge tent and inflatable mattress along with 2 fire pits with all kinds junk. Unfortunately there was way too much rubbish to take with us to dump responsibly and it was soaking wet. After dragging it all into a neater pile (hopefully collected soon) and deflating the mattress, we set up camp.

For day camps the goal is to have one box containing everything we need and be set up in under 5 minutes. With the rear seats already reclined, rug, table and backrests setup all we had to do was pop the chairs. So far so good.

Couldn’t have been more convenient a setup. We cooked salmon and eggs for lunch and chilled out reading.

Improvements needed are a better cook system and I’m seriously considering an awning. My only reservation for an awning is more wind noise and will we really need it? Once the tent arrives from Front Runner. We’ll be sleeping up top and making the full Jimny interior a lounge space. The tent will hang over the rear door and create a small amount of coverage so maybe that’ll be enough. Time will tell.

Spent the afternoon there and it was cracking. I managed to make some more progress on the kuksa I’m carving too. I think it’s the slowest kuksa carving in history.

Around 6pm we cleaned up and of course left to trace. Will be back here for sure it’s a great location.

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