Leather Handles for Jimny 2019 (JB64 / JB74)

As soon as I bought the new Jimny one of the first projects was to make leather handles. It’s become an obsession with many iterations to the design.

Mix of designs created so far

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Grab Handle

The design has the laces out of sight running along the bottom of the handle. This make it’s easier to attach.

There are 4 colours (left to right )

  1. Saddle tan (out of stock)
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Walnut (out of stock)
  4. Black
Leather Colours
Please note this grab handle design is an old version

It’s easier than I make it look on the video. Basically follow these steps and make sure you pull the lace tight for the best fit:

  1. Loosely lace each side up around the grab handle as you would lace a pair of shoes.
  2. Use some sort of hook to pull each cross over tight and hold it in place as you pull the next one.
  3. When you’re happy with the fit tie a normal overhand knot and snip the excess off.
  4. Optionally use a lighter or match to carefully melt the loose ends for a cleaner finish. Be careful not to burn the leather!

Door Handles

Laced underneath to hide the stitches and allows for a tight fit.

The leather is high quality and thick allowing you to lace it tight and avoid any movement. They feel lovely in hand compared to the cheap plastic.


You can choose to mount this laces up or down. Feels luxurious and it looks pretty bad ass. I prefer laces up myself 🙂

Complete Set

All sets are finished with a beeswax protective coating.

Like all handmade leather items they look better with the passage of time and each set has its own unique qualities.


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Giveaways or buying your own set

I’ve decided in to make these available to you. I love the idea of Jimny’s having full leather handle sets I make. If it’s something you like and would enjoy having yourself I’ve decided to sell full sets on Etsy.

They’ll be very limited stock of 1 set at a time. I can accept made to order purchases though. UK & International delivery.

I will also do a give aways on Instagram. Like this one.

Get your own set on Etsy or follow me on Instagram to take part in the next give away.

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