Jimny Chill Out Set Up

Ever since ordering the roof tent we decided that the interior of the Jimny could make an excellent lounge space to kick back and chill on camping trips.

The idea is to keep things as minimalistic as possible while offering good comfort and quick set up times.

The first stage was making a rear backrest using the headrests, this would give us space to lie back and read (/get drunk).

We also wanted a table for hot drinks and food prep so I made a collapsible one out of a chopping board.

Here’s the finished space! It takes 3 minutes to set up once we’re at camp.

Jimny Minimalist Lounger

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It’s a great space to stay dry and warm if the weather takes a turn for the worst. The extra space away from the roof tent will be awesome if one of us needs an early night.

UPDATE: we’ve never used this setup in practice. Assumed we would be it’s never been needed. Still, it’s an easy option to try if you think you might benefit from it.

2 thoughts on “Jimny Chill Out Set Up

  1. Hi
    Nice idea…look very cool n spacious. I want to ask one thing how u put those headrests near tailgate side.

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