About Me

I’m Paul. I have a unhealthy obsession with the new Suzuki Jimny and building an ultralight camper.

I’ve owned the SZ5 automatic Jimny since May 2019 and have made a few changes since then. Much like everyone who is into camping and getting away from the crowds gear and set up plays a major role in my hobby. There’s an ever changing list of modifications and improvements I’d like to make and this is where I’ll document it. It’s old fashioned these days but I’ll write blogs about the modifications I make, the gear I love to use and the trips I take.

Most people watch my YouTube videos, I’m active on Instagram and always reply to comments here on the blog. There is a Geordie Jimny Facebook page so I can link my Etsy store to Instagram but I never use it so please don’t try to contact me there.

Hope you find the blog useful.

All the best,


p.s. Why the name Geordie Jimny? Well, the Jimny part is self explanatory but the Geordie part is related to where I live and was born. In our part of the world, in the North East of the England, we're called Geordies. If you interested, here's why.